Friday, August 31, 2007

So apparently no body has an opinion on my chucking the whole thing and moving to an inner city apartment. Thanks a lot.
I suppose I am going to drag myself up and deal with it then.
I do feel better today. I think I am going to be able to do this. I may not feel that way tomorrow but for today, I'm good. It really is all mental isn't it? I mean you get so bogged down with the sheer amount of stuff..and then you get on the computer and see everything everyone else seems to be doing and get even more disillusioned..and on and on. I think I forget to take time for me..Just a couple of hours to go horseback riding or for a walk or whatever..I have books I have wanted to read for months an haven't done...I am hoping I can deal with my inner whiner this weekend and come up with a schedule that I will stick to. And there are so many reasons I love living here..Look at this picture. One of our chickens decided to hitch a ride..

Meanwhile..this is serious kitchen porn...

Yep..I told you. That is what I want..along with the clawfoot tub...AND IceStone counters..and the million it will take to do all of that.. That sink, by the way, is available at Vintage Tub... there is a ad on the sidebar..all the sinks are on sale through labor day, they have free shipping..and...look what I have just for you...
FREE Towel Warmer

Receive a FREE Towel Warmer with the purchase of any complete tub set (tub, faucet, drain, and supply lines).
Coupon Code FreeTW
Expires October, 1st 2007

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Yeah, I know, that was very commercial of me. But they do have cool stuff.
Next thing:
I wrote an article today on the Thoreau Farm Restoration Project. If you are interested in history and the environment you will like this article. Thoreau Farm Historical Restoration Project


Wendy said...

I'm sorry, Marye, I should've made a harder effort to get over here for your poll. I've had one of those "hands full" weeks and this slooow computer isn't helping matters.

As for your poll, can I combine two answers? I've talked to God about you, and I'll send you chocolate (if I knew where to send it).

Rechelle said...

Kitchen porn...hmmmm I think it may be you who is the scary one Mary. Scary Mary. Bet I am the first one to ever piece those two words together.

linda said...

Being I'm fairly new to reading this blog I thought I shouldn't participate in the poll. Kind of like voting on election day and not knowing what you are voting for. I just know I'm destined to spend the rest of my life working on my house. I move too slow :-) I got rid of all my farm animals (goats, sheep, horses, rabbits, chickens, geese, pheasants, show dogs, quail) and now live a quiet life in the city and we get to travel now and go fishing. The animals cost a lot when you figure it all out. Anyway, I pray things work out for you.