Friday, August 10, 2007

I regret to announce the demise of yet one more of our chickens.
Could I have a moment of silence please?
Apparently she was showing off. You know, these freak accidents always happen when you show off...and she perched precariously on the edge of an empty tupperware type dish that normally holds water. It flipped, trapping her underneath in 101 degrees.
By the time she was discovered she was fried chicken. Feathers and all.
let's see. that puts us at 26 out of the original 30. Last time we had chickens it was raccoons. This time..well..I don't know. Anyway...with 26, and I think 1-2 of them are roosters, we should still have plenty of eggs and some to sell. I hope. Eventually we will have, you know ::whispering:::extra chickens..for.. e-a-t-i-n-g. Which was the whole point of getting roosters. That, and there is nothing crankier than a sexually frustrated chicken. Well almost nothing. I was going to take some neat pictures but my camera batteries are dead so it will be later that I do that. The subject for the day is, The Tao of Door Frames.
This weekend I have to prime the new door frames and trim outside before it rains. The kids are cleaning out the shed/barn. ANd I plan on getting bags of dirt to plant vegetables in. My tiller isn't working and so we didnt have a garden and my finances felt the I am buying the plastic bags of dirt, poking some holes int he bottom for drainage and planting right in the bags.
Next week I hope to have an old bus up on blocks in the front yard. :/

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Rechelle said...

Between you and April - chickens may end up on the endangered species list.