Wednesday, August 08, 2007

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as I was checking links and pages I came across a link to a post where one of MY posts had been quoted. WHOOOOHOOO my 15 minutes of fame. Blogher
But as I read the post, and the quotes she had included I realized that it isn't just me! Lots of us are overwhelmed wiht what we have gotten ourselves into. Lots of us feel like they can't drive one more nail..or tear up one more floor board, or handle one more marble that rolls by itself when it is placed on the floor.
Life is hard right now for me. Marc is moving between a wheelchair and crutches, and his disability rating has been held up at the VA for over 18 months. He is in constant pain, and on constant narcotics for the pain...and don't even get me started about how they owe us 26 years in back disability for service connected issues because of a glitch that happened when he got out. We are making semi weekly, sometimes, semi daily treks to the takes an average of 2-3 months to be seen by the ortho department...and that is in a serious situation. My lump that was found in the mammogram wont be sonogramed for over 2 months..Marc and I are both veterans...someone i know had a lump discovered in her mammo and was sono-ed in a matter of days....I am driving Marc ot and from work because he can't drive..I homeschool 6 kids, I blog, I write, I have livestock, I am now doing the work on the house by myself...our finances are growing worse by the day because of these things and more...The VA is not in a hurry because, after all, we are not the only ones, nor are we the most important. I agree with that. I understand it. But it doesn't help uy his meds right now, or pay our mounting bills or buy groceries. ANd it doesn't help when I am trying ot fix a fence that hte neighbors are complaining about because the horses are leaning over it to eat their yard, or when I am chain-sawing a huge fallen tree, or when I am trying to figure out how to toenail a two by four.
I have grace. I have the Creator of the entire Universe Who watches me with love and helps me in all I do....and I am grateful. But sometimes it would be nice if someone with skin on noticed. If someone thought, wow-she is only 5'4" and that chainsaw must be heavy!
What kind of culture have we become that we cease to reach out to those around us. We will send money to missions and missionaries, and that is awesome, yet we do that and think we have done our part and settle in in front of the t.v... those of you who are overwhelmed with life right now...I understand. I wish I could bake you this:
and bring you some coffee, and help you hammer some nails. I wish I could watch your kids for an hour while you take a bath, or hold you while you have a good cry. I wish I could give you money to cover the project you need to finish, or to bring oer a couple of sacks of groceries.
SInce I can't..the best I can do is say I understand. And if enough of us tell eachother we understand, and if enough of us encourage one another then maybe we will be exchanging pictures of our glorious restorations a few years from know and maybe we will finally get our house ont he cover of Victorian Homes!


Dawn - Coming to a Nursery Near You said...

You just have so much on your plate! That's absolutely horrible that you have to wait 2 months for a sonagram! If it's problematic, 2 months could make or break you! GEEZ!

The pie looks fantabulustic, though!

C. R. Morris said...

I stopped by your blog for WW and found this post. Bless your heart! Please know that there are people out there who care. Your struggles have brought tears to my eyes and I hope and pray that everything will just fall into place for you. Where are you? I'll come over and help you out. I'm 5'3" but we can just stand on each other's shoulders. *handing you a couple dozen home baked chocolate chip cookies*

C. R. Morris said...

Yes. ITA! God IS in control... we'll all make it. And we'll be stronger when we do! I know there are days when we will feel like He has abandoned us, but it's not the case. We just need to re-examine our situation. What are we learning? I've added your blog to my daily reads list..then I see that you have lots of blogs! LOL My husband and I have a Make Ready business so this one really catches my eye if you know what I mean. ;-)

Wendy said...

Marye, I swear I'm not just saying this but if I were anywhere nearer to you I'd be there in a heartbeat getting my husband to help out with the renovations while I look after the kids so you and hubby can go out, take a break, soak in a tub or whatever. I know it's not much comfort, but my heart is there for you, and my prayers, too. In the mean time, you just vent anytime you want, okay?