Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Numerous colors of paint tend to come to light when you start stripping the trim. I think it is amazing at the pure kaleidoscope of color that appears as the top layers bubble off.

Under the vinyl on our house there was white paint. Predictable. Then a layer of odd chartreuse..beneath that a layer of the pepto bismol pinkiest pink..and finally the beautiful stain. In some places. In others large areas of wood trim was replaced. The siding is like that too...From what I can tell some places it is white and some places it is light yellow..But all of it is peeling.
I am still hoping to get to some of the work this week. I have been so busy I have yet to prime the new trim from the door being replaced and we have a storm coming into the gulf.. :( Hopefully it will go around. Just this once.
I still haven't decided whether to stain or paint the doors. Maybe I will post a survey tomorrow and you guys can decide for me.

From my other blog:
Ten years ago the question, "paper or plastic?" caused much discussion as to which was the more responsible choice. Today that question has evolved into, "Is it better for the environment to build new or restore an existing structure?". Click here ot read more-
Which Is Better? Build New or Restore an Existing Structure?

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