Thursday, August 30, 2007

Autumn is arriving. Even here in Texas I can sense it's closeness. Like the part in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe where Father Christmas shows up so they know that Aslan is on his way and the white witch is losing her power..95 degrees does not feel so blasted hot...the light is changing color and the shadows are different.
It is this time of year that I miss my home. I don;t knwo exactly what I mean by that...there seems to be a place deep in my heart that I have never been able to find, a place that was, perhaps, birthed the summer I read every book int he children's section of the library in West Windsor, New Jersey. It seems to be a farm, a place where the leaves turn crimson in the Autumn, where some other dimensional me picks raspberries and blackberries in summer, and sips hot coffee whilst curled on a cosy windowseat during a snowy winter day. In spring this other me walks down drizzly country lanes and watches the birds return to their nesting places, picks the first few narcissus and iris, and gathers new asparagus and fiddle head ferns.
The odd thing is that every once in awhile I get a deep longing for that place that I have been- like today.
Anyway. I planted green beans. I could not till up the old garden because the tiller is not working and the garden itself has been fallow for 2 seasons. I just bought large bages of dirt at Home Depot and punched holes in the bottom to let the water run through. Then I punched holes in the top to plant into and voila! My simple, weed free green bean garden..if it works. I am tentitavely working on plans for my gardens, thinking that if i plan now I will be able to do them in the spring. I would like peonies, but am not sure about how they would do here..and I am a strong believer in xeriscapes and natural plantings so I will have to look into that more. I have a huge expanse of poison ivy growing nicely since the sheep are gone..I am thinking it will be a good place for blackberries.
Maybe rather than longing for what I dont have I need to create those things here.
The front entryway will get worked on this weekend. I swear I am going to do it.

I am going to finish taking the vinyl stuff off and put in new trim where the wood has rotted out...I know how to finish it off now, with a certain type of molding, blessedly inexpensive, and I am hoping that I will have it done by Monday. Good intentions anyway..and you kow what they say about those!

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Wendy said...

I long for home, too, but even though I spent most of my life in Kansas City, I don't think that's it. Wherever it is, it has ALL FOUR seasons, so where I am is definitely not it! I think one of my children asked once if heaven has seasons. If I have my way, it will. :)