Saturday, August 25, 2007

I just wrote a thing on straw bale construction...I really am interested in it..ever since (o.k..I know..that does not look it my country roots showing? Is it ever since or every since? ) the three little pigs I thought houses mad e of straw were cool.
I mean, straw smells good...It is itchy and you really don't want to roll around in it too much :;:snicker::: because you will have little red bumps that itch..but the smell is heavenly.
That has absolutely nothing to do with straw bale construction.
I talked to Marc about building a straw bale barn..I just really like the idea and think it is cool..I've got some cool pictures in the article of homes and I think it was translate well into a nice snug barn. He was skeptical.
There is nothing new about that. I am the one that runs ahead..he is the one that is very downt o earth but he loves me so he will sort of nod and smile at my antics. is like I Love Lucy around here about half the time but without the cuban. He is an Iraqi linguist (learned in the Marines) so I guess he could yell at me in Iraqi...IF he could remember how to say anything other than military terms. I was actually going ot use real phrases and then I remembered that it would probably lead to black helicopters on whisper mode hovering outside my window.

If you get a chance please read the articles....or just go and click on things...or leave a comment or whatever. Thank you.straw bale homes

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