Saturday, August 18, 2007

I am tired.
I am cranky.
I want a small apartment somewhere where I can call maintenence to come fix anything that needs fixing.
And while they were doing that I would get my nails done and have a massage.

It has been about 700F outside..which means it has been 768 F inside since we dont use A/C. It is humid..I mean really at all like Texas..more like Michigan only MUCH hotter...or North Carolina around Camp Le Jeune (I spent a decade there at Tarrawa Terrace one year..It is when I got interested in raising livestock..The roaches were huge...but really really hard to milk.)
Everyone is melty..and headachy..and cranky. And we had ANOTHER stupid huge branch come down and tear up one more fence.
Have I mentioned my fantasy apartment? >:(

Oh..I wrote a hugely fascinating article about heritage breed goats. it..comment on it...meanwhile I think I am going to just sit here and sweat...
My fascinating article about goats. Actually there is a hysterical video there about the tennessee Fainting Goats. :)

Grin is obviously dreaming of a small efficiency apartment as well.....


Erie's Argonaut said...

It sounds pretty hot down there in Texas! I was complaining a few weeks ago about the weather up here but today it is in the 60s. Can you believe that?! I was going to release a Monarch butterfly today but it won't fly, I guess it is too cold. That was an interesting article on heritage goats. I especially like the fainting goats. The novelty of it all. Hmmm I pride myself in not getting caught up in novelty. The video was hysterical.

Wendy said...

Here in the Carolinas, it's been 90s and 100s for longer than I care to think about. UGH!!! (And since I don't have central air, I have every right to say UGH!)

Keep me posted when you need some prayer. I'm only too glad to put in some "knee" time for ya. :)