Thursday, August 09, 2007

One of the things I wanted to do from the very start was to get rid of the vinyl siding on the house. First of all, I dislike vinyl siding. DO you knwo that it is actually more angerous in a fire than wood because it holds the heat in the wall and creates a more intense fire and sometype of toxic fumes are released.. I can't remember all of the information about it..but here is a post from John atThe Devil Queen that expresses my sentiments exactly and almost entirely. Anyway..Marc was not as comfortable with the idea...his concern was that the vinyl was covering up a major problem. Yes, he does tend to be passive aggressive. :) If thereis a problem I want to tackle it head on. Sometimes literally.
Anyway, so we got the doors replaced and..oh the horror! They tore up the vinyl siding by the doors and the original beveled siding peeked through.
Paint badly peeling, trim removed (of course) wood dried out..but it looks like it is going to be o.k..
SO I am going to do on section at a time..and...
Maybe I will drop it off at walmart. With the Devil. :)


Linda said...

We have aluminum siding we want to get rid of. Recycling it would bring a pretty penny but we don't know what is underneath. We added a door going out to the deck in our 1917 house and when they took the siding off where they were going to cut for the door it looked good. The paint wasn't even all that bad. We just don't know about the rest of it. I do know that if there is any damage going on right now underneath from leaking somewhere, we wouldn't know it until it was too late. I like the look of real wood.

Wendy said...

You should do that, and let Walmart get rid of it! lol

and by the way...


You've been tagged to do the Middle Name Meme.

You can read mine here if you'd like.

Marye said...