Friday, September 29, 2006

The coolest thing! YEah I kow I haven't written in a long time..don't interrupt.
The coolest thing! I won a wall sconce on ebay that exactly matches the entry hall light fixture!!!
Yeah of course it is antique. CHA!
The shades are not original as the other light fixture is but I htink we can get somethign to at least coordinate...I am so awesome happy!
Gotta love EBAY.

Yeah..Bad news..when I pulled the back porch off and down we found some wood rot under the house..Nothing structural you understand but GRRRRR. Doncha hate P/O's that do things the quick easy way? ME TOO! Marc has been unable to finish repairing it between rain on the weekends and his shoulder...I am really hoping for htis weekend as it needs to be done before i can put hte back porch up...
and I have definitley decided thatt he front porch stair are going ot be moved back to the original spot..I dont care that it costs money.