Monday, November 06, 2006

o.k. so things are going really slowly at the moment..I am not doing much and I cant even plan...
True confessions time....I am really bad about starting alot of projects at once. Oh..You figured that out?
So...Marc HAS to finish the back adn we HAVE to get the office bathroom back in commission (8 people 2 bathrooms doable but not prime) and we have to get the landscaping done before the fall rain sweeps the 400.00 worth of mud into the creek bed.
Of all of htat stuff I can do exactly...nothing. Ewwww..and doncha hate women who nag? yeah me too. so...
I am done reminding Marc abot it..I would rather the house rotted out and caved in than I morphed from awesome, hot wife to naggy mom stand in.
I will be quiet..I will..I will.

It will get done..he is incredible with what he does..such perfection and precision. Maybe haste will fall into place at some point..
Meanwhile i am going to finish up painting and faux graining (I CAN do that) and begin making some curtains...I want to get done with some basic stuff ebcause there are a few ceiling areas that I want to stencil and gold leaf. By the time I get done with this place i know I will not want to sell it. sigh.