Saturday, July 28, 2007

sweating...clouded brain...nausea...trembling...yes, it can mean only one thing. We are about to INSPECTOR.
::::intense music::::
I didn't expect the INSURANCE INPECTOR....
Nobody expects the insurance inspector!
::o.k. if you are not a MOnty Python fan just roll your eyes and continue will make sense eventually.::::

Our insurance lapsed. I know. Bad bad bad...But finances are really bad right now. Well I got the policy back up and running but now they want to do an inspection. This would probably not be SO bad except one of the results of a wild lifestyle as a teenager is that I am terrified of people in authority. Yes! Every morning I have to drive past the police station while taking my husband to work and you can hear me muttering to myself.."maintain. maintain."
When we owned a restaurant the mere shadow of the health inspector made my stomach churn event hough we always passed with very high marks.
So the idea of an insurance inspector coming NOW, when Marc has been sick and is only now getting around with the combination of crutches and a wheelchair..when projects are many and not moving ahead to fast AND when there is no money to buy the supplies let alone HIRE someone..
Well then. You see my dilemma.

Can I admit to you that I am overwhelmed with my life right now? That selling out for whatever we can get and buying a small condo seems very attractive? The ongoing dilemma of the home restorer- you know it will be gorgeous eventually but can you function long enough to make it happen? Can you really handle one more winter with cold air blowing up through the cracks in the sunroom floor? Or listening to the resident raccoon moving about between floors?
Or the ominous, impending visit of the inspector?
I am just kicking back this weekend. I just don't feel capable of handling one more thing, of deciding one more thing, of juggling one more thing..or of fixing one more thing. Maybe in a coupel of days I will have my sense of humor back but for now I am just tired. Exhausted. And ready to throw in the trowel. :(

Saturday, July 21, 2007

First of all..let me say this. I am BACK! I have computer, cable access and all kinds of coolness to write about. Whoohoo.
Second...I don't have time to write about all of the coolness right now because I am neck deep oin projects..but one of the projects I am neck deep in is a very worth cause. Helping to eliminate childhood hunger. No, not my kids..they are still hungry all the time..I really do feed them though..don't let them fool you.
No, seriously, there is a Nationwide bake sale. Read about it at my other other blog, Baking Delights and then leave a comment and let me know that you will consider participating. know, if you don't bake you can dip oreos in melted chocolate and sell those..

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Not too much happening around the house. We ahd to replace some doors, could only afford 2, altho we need 3, because we are actually having someone DO it..The framing needs to be redone and there were other things so Marc felt better about having someone actually do it rather than us doing it. I am looking forward to the new doors. I hope they will look o.k..They are both raised panel exterior doors with half glass. I know I will like it in the laundry room because there is a steel door back there, no window, nothing..:P blech. I am not 100% sure about the kitchen because I have a french door there so it is all glass.
I am getting so much less done this summer than I planned. MArc has been in hospital for excruciating pain in his knees. They had him on morphine until they sent him home. We got the mri result yesterday ..there are several problems, but as we are dealing the the gov't (V.A. Hospital) it is hard to say what or when they are going to do something.
In any case...
We have lost no more chickens (yay!) and they are starting to look like real chickens. We got them outside last week and they are enjoying pecking the ground, altho I am hoping we don't lose them in the mud. More and more rain here in Texas!
I am trying to draw out plans for what I want added..and am reading a book about restoring green. I really am interested in rain water collection and solar power, as well as passive solar heating...Thinking of maybe a green house with a paver floor in the back behind the laundry room which would also function as a mudroom..and you know, with only 4300 sq feet, I need more space to clean, yeah right.
Have the front garden mulched and altho it looks bare it looks quite nice with the imaginary front steps. :/ With all the rain Marc's maple tree is shooting up and has grown more this spring than in the 3 years before!
Guess that is all for now..I am stilla round and you can keep up with me on my homeschool blog at Homeschool Central OR my cooking blog (the OTHER one) at Baking Delights. I try to post in those regularly. Have a great summer.