Saturday, August 25, 2007

It is still hot. And summer has hit, albeit late, here none the less..It is hot, dry and ...dry and hot. Texas being on the cutting edge also added an unusual twist this year..North Carolina humidity.
So we are breathing through straws, fanning ourselves and just being generally miserable.
Trees are falling down like crazy..I would feel a little paranoid but it isnt just our property. It is all over town..and I know our horses, devious as they are, are not sneaking out at night to strip bark off of all the trees in the county. There is some other force at work here. We will have firewood to last until the Rapture..and that is a good thing.
I cant concentrate enough to know hwat to do next.There are so many needs that they overwhelm me right now and i am doing next to nothing. Research of course, but that allows me to enter a glazed and dazed state as I stare at the computer so it is no good for actually getitng things done.
I made donuts this morning. That is something. I tend to be a person, who, in spite of being a mature christian (ha! whatever that is) still has trouble defining myself by other than what I right now my esteem is very low..I am doing nothing, accomplishing nothing..and the voice of my mom haunts me in my sleep. :( I keep reminding myself survival is an accomplishment right now. Not screaming at the kids in frustration is an accomplishment now. Getting math and english and reading done is an accomplishment.
I wish I could wipe the slate clean and have a do over. Where is that darn Easy Button?
I need to get the office cleared. We had a college student move in (Bible College) to help him ..we cant afford to contribute financially but can give to him in this way..anyway he moved into what was my sewing, crafting, staging room for all the house projects..all of htose things are now stacked int he office with a narrow walkway between stacks. :( I am tempted to just toss everything..but so much of it is unspun fiber, fabric and such that I hate to do it.
I need to replace a board on the soffit face in the back..and I need to finish repairing the door frame in the front. I have no clue how to do this or where to start. I keep trying to argue with God that I am a GIRL. I don't know HOW..but He will have none of it.
I have written a couple more articles on Hub:
Minimizing Your Carbon Footprint about how to have less impact on the earth by the choices you make daily. There is a cool link there to help you calculate your footprint.
Green investment has some thoughts on how to invest your money in a socially responsible way..if, say, you had any to invest after buying all you needed for the trim on the 3rd floor balcony or something...anyway..check them out.
HAppy Saturday.

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