Thursday, August 16, 2007

Well..I knew this but I couldn't say anything in case Marc read it...Our daughter, Erin, and her family showed up this mornign from Pa. It was a surprise for Marc, and a blessing for us both! It was so funny because yesterday AOL news said that Tropical storm Erin was scheduled to hit Texas Thursday morning, and I knew that my own *tropical storm* Erin was assuredy on her way. They hit about the same time...
Two blessed weeks with the grandkids, and spending time with daughter and son in law. Marc looks better all ready! And our son in law is excellent about getting projects done. :)
A few days ago I felt so lonely and today I just feel so blessed.

The Hub article I wrote today was on choosing heritage breeds for the small homestead. Here is a bit:For centuries farmers all over the globe have raised an assortment of livestock for food, for fiber, and for work. When small, family farms flourished animals were carefully chosen for their unique abilities and ability to survive in harsh conditionsHeritage Breeds

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Wendy said...

Yay for getting to spend time with the grandkids! And double yay that things are feeling better for you!! Have a great time with Erin and co. :)