Thursday, August 09, 2007

"The Devil is at walmart."
You know how as you are moving around the house you pick up snippets of conversation that are intriguing?
Well this morning Nick (7) and Sean (8) were havign a conversation and I didn't htink much of it until I heard THAT! My attention was caught.
Actually, I was priding myself on the fact that my children were picking up my social conciousness. We don't shop at walmsrt because of some of their business practices...and imports. However, that is for another time...Back to the conversation:
Nick: The Devil is at walmart!"
Sean:Uh unh. He isn't
Nick:yeah Sean, I saw it in the paper.
Sean: You are lying. The Devil isn't suppose to be out yet. this point i was also amazed at the amount of understanding my kids had of spiritual warfare. Patting myself on the back so hard my arm nearly fell out of socket:::::

Nick: Well he IS out.
Sean: No Nick. They aren't releasing him yet.
Nick: I'll ask mom. She knows.

::feeling good here. Trying to figure out how to explain spiritual warfare and end time prophecy..:::::

Nick: Mom..isn't the Devil at Wal-mart?
Me: Well, Nick, you see.....
Nick: He is mom! LOOK!

Nick then shoves a page from his newest Lego magazine in my face. Bionicles. He was talking about a particular BIONICLE.

Sean, yelling from the other room: Well he might be at walmart but YOU'RE not getting him. Mom doesn't like walmart. SHE won't even buy TOILET paper there.

Maybe the devil IS at walmart?

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