Sunday, August 19, 2007

I seriously have a great idea. I have been designing rainwater collection systems in my head for months..and also gray water irrigation systems and I thought today how cool it would be to recycle your free water! I mean...the calculation for rainwater harvest is 75% of 600 gallons per 1000 sq ft of catchment per inch of rain..The other 25% is figured to be evaporation and loss. SO for our house that is 1200 +/- gallons of water per 1 " of rain. WOW! Then once you hooked your system up to your house for your free water you could reroute the graywater pipes to be collected in a seperate cistern to be utilized for garden. WOW! again.
Now..I just need time, materials..materials and time... :)
I did write an article on this today, since i was thinking about it..If even half of the houses in our town had rainwater collection systems in place there would be virtually no flooding and it's residual negative effects on the environment. If rainwater collection systems were in place the drought and dropping water tables that we face every summer in North Central Texas would not cause undue problems. read the rest here and take a look at the picture from when our proerty flooded. An entire storage shed floated on to our is now a chicken coop..Thanks God!

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