Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Tackle It Tuesday.

O.k...you know I really like the theme days. This post will be much better than the long whine I had planned about how overwhelmed I am with repairs. Really.
Today, I am not sure if this *counts* but a guy is here installing 2 new doors. I really wanted to replace with vintage doors but Marc wanted to get new and have them installed because of some wood rot issues we had in the frames. This had needed to be done for several months and we haven't been able to use the kitchen door at all! The doors are arts and crafts style, at least, and I think they will look good. The cool thing is that when he took the wood off I saw, as I suspected, the door had actually been a window.

You can see where the support was cut out...AND what a lousy job they did.

And..Old wood/New wood..THERE is a HUGE difference in grain.

Here are a couple of the door being installed. As it isn't finished yet I will have to get back with those.

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Wendy said...

I know absolutely nothing about home remodeling/restoration beyond the fact that I like watching shows about it, so all I can say is "Wow, good job!"

Laura Williams said...

The door looks great!!

My Tackle it Tuesday is up if you want to stop in.


Karen said...

Mmmm....the watermelon looks refreshing! :)

Rotted wood seems to be the story of my life! We're always finding that when we remodel something around here!

WTG on your tackle!