Monday, August 13, 2007

I COMPLETED a project this weeked! YAY!

No, not hte shed..we are still working on that, altho closer ot the goal..I have pegboard out side ready to be put up to create a completely organized space.
For about 10 minutes.

No..even better. I have replaced the stainless steel top to my stove. WHy you may ask? Well, fist of all I will NEVER EVER have another stinless steel top on a stove. Yuck. EWW. Double spit. Ptooey.
Because they get hot. So that that a couple of the kids AND myself have burned our arms to the point that we had 2nd degree burns by brushing against the top. burns on the food when you spill..and I am messy. Yes. SO here is a picture of the old top. You might need a throw up bowl ...keep one handy. A paper bag will probably suffie, unless you have had a really huge breakfast...
This is the interest of home restorers goes..

yeah. Told ya it was bad..And it really is bad because I am also a food writer. You
are supposed to have lovely chef kitchens when you are a foodie. Really. It is in the foodie rule book page 345, column 8, rule 47B.

SO with the help of my 15year old we got the rusted screws out, broke a few important stove pieces and dragged that bad boy out to the trash area. And then we struggled to put the new top on.
And finally....

And finally we gave up and sort of laid it on top until we can find the other hinge that fell through a hole in the floor. But doesn't it look great? But now the REST of the kitchen looks awful..
Sort of if you give a restorer a new stove top she will want cabinets...Maybe i shoudl write a book like that? What do you think?

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