Saturday, September 01, 2007

Bathroom Remodel. It is time to finish the small bathroom remodel. This bathroom is off of our office downstairs. The POs were bathroom crazy..There are 2 full baths downstairs and a double bath upstairs..2 toilet areas, 2 sinks, 2 tubs int he same bathroom. Now, to be honest it was because the house was at one point used as a group children's home but I sorta wish there were more living areas and less bathrooms. It is nice though, when the whole family gets hit with stomach flu...o.k.picture # 1. I have to mud behind the sink. There was a HUGE mirror there and an ugly vanity so the whole thing is bare wall board. They closed up 3/4 of the window and i am tempter to open it back up..However for right now I am going to just mud and paint, leaving the window for another time.

Next to that wall is another bare wall which also needs baseboards. Luckily our baseboards are rather plain and i think I can do that.

Next on the list is a new threshhold on the floor. I am not sure WHAT the room was before it was a bathroom..It is oddly shaped, has always been small and has always had a doorway here...I would say closet EXCEPT there was a long window, which is now a small window over the sink.

Now I have to ask you...what sense does it make to put in a heat lamp on a 10 foot ceiling? Please, imagine me rolling my eyes here..

One whole wall of this small bathroom is completely covered with shallow ugly shelving. I really think it was called that. You know...Be the first on your block to own shallow, ugly shelving!

I think I would like to replace it but I am nto sure funds will allow right now. This is part of my frustration. I hate that I am having to do things that I am going to want to do over when our finances ease up. :p
Last but certainly not least is..the bathtub.

I want to replace it as well, but again And Marc is afraid of what the floor is like under the tub. Personally i figure if the floor is bad I want to know before I go crashing through, naked, halfway through a nice soak with LUSH's Floating Island ( linked in case know..wants to buy me one..). i think the raccoons that live under the house and between the floors would vote for me not startling them like that as well..
Altho, on a funny note...we have one large female raccoon that climbs halfway down a tree by the den at night and watches t.v intently for about an hour. Once she became so engrossed Princess Bride that she fell from the tree. Seriously. I did not make that up. there you have it..I have no clue what the remodeling cost on that is going to be. Not much I would think since I am hiring myself. I really don;t know whether just to finish it fast and "git 'er dun" or at least try to do some of the things I want. ARGHHH.


This Old Erie House said...

Anything that paint can make look better is a good, quick, temporary solution so you can feel better about it. Prioritize as to what "has" to be done because it will prevent major damage that would run into the big bucks it you wait to fix it, ie leaking roofs, pipes etc. They just aren't fun fixes because you don't even see the difference. I want to replace my "terrible pink" bathroom tiles and will some day. I think I'm going to sand them and paint them white and then seal them with a water-based spar varnish soon. It won't last years but will probably look good enough until we tear them out. (they are a 50s remodel, yuk.) I'm looking forward to seeing your progress.

Daniela said...

I have turquoise tile on the walls and ceiling(!!!) of my bathroom. They're so old, that I recently put my hand through the wall just by leaning on a certain spot. Needless to say, a bathroom remodel is high on our priority list. Our ancient bathtub has a sliding shower door frame affixed to it and the weird half-wall directly behind the tub. It has been tiled AROUND. I hate it. I have looked into getting one of those tubfitter surrounds, but I just think it's like putting a bandaid over a gaping wound. We're saving to gut the whole thing and start over. Oh, and I forgot.. there's a window in the shower. So in the winter, while you're naked and scrubbing away, one has to have the window cracked open so that everything doesn't get moldy.

Out of everything in this house (the horrid 70s paneling, the wallpapered ceilings, the giant ugly stick that hit my house prevous to my owning it, the birdhouse wallpaper in the kitchen) I hate the bathroom the most.

Daniela said...

Oh, and how very odd that I have a Lush Floating Island bath bomb in my medicine cabinet. I love Lush products. I highly recommend the Therapy massage bar for dry winter skin. It's like a pint of Haagen Dazs for your body.

I actually grew up in the environs of Boston, Massachusetts, and move to the lush hills of western Pennsylvania. I love it here. I love the low crime rates, the fresh produce, the fresh air, the obscene lack of traffic. I don't like that it is so far from the ocean, museums, culture, and real bread (not the squishy packaged white stuff, though they are coming up in the world with "artisan" mass-produced breads. It's not a lot, but I can get a somewhat decent baguette now, but that's about it.)

On the plus side, the average single family home in the Boston area starts at about $400K, whilst here, you can get a lovely large (but old) house for a mere $70K. Taxes are pathetically low (I pay about $1400/yr.) One does have to drive further to get where you need to go, but we can walk to most places for just about anything basic.

We do have an extrordinary amount of snow though. I suggested packaging it and shipping it to areas suffering from drought, but it didn't go over too well.