Thursday, September 06, 2007

This is not my house. It is similar in design though.. Anyway..I have been doing alot of thinking about power sources, because someday I will be able to go off grid and I want to have my decisions made. I am leaning toward solar. Wind turbines can be loud..and I bet that they would make the stupid dogs next door bark up a storm 24/7. Solar is nice and quiet. I read in the Mother Earth News about a solar panel system that is peel and stick technology. If you have a metal roof (which I am getting for my rainwater catchment system) you just stick these on..they are similar to teflon. peel and sitck.
I am getting a little more organized ..and getting a little more done each day! I am trying to stay away from the computer a bit if I haven't visited you lately it is because I am trying to get things under control here.

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Wendy said...

Just wanted to say my husband reads that magazine too! :)