Monday, September 17, 2007

Time to Replace the hot water heater

Since old betsy passed on we have looked at other water heaters. You know, it is tempting to rush out and buy something quick because having to heat all the water on the stove is really getting old but we want to make sure we are making the best choice possible for us. I really like the tankless water heater but all of our gas lines and venting would have to be changed to a tune of over 2500.00, and that without the actual unit. I would LOVE to get a solar one but those are more expensive yet. Nope. The truth is that we will be doing our level best to find an energy efficient old fashioned gas water heater to replace old betsy. I am figuring what are water needs are. I mean I got real used to that 90 gallon tank but that is probably bigger than we need. I figure our peak water useage is about 80 gal per hour...and really a 50 gallon tank should handle that. For now it is cold showers! We are going to take a water storage barrel up on the fire-escape and run a hose down to the bathtub for solar heated water. I hope to get started on that tomorrow.

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Wendy said...

Don't you wish that, since it was going to happen, it could've done it back in July or August when it was blistering hot? Argh!