Friday, September 14, 2007

Could we have a moment of silence please? Old Betsy is gone. She was amazing. Could do two batched of dishes, a load of laundry and give 2 kids baths at the same time, without coughing, grumbling or complaining. She worked hard before we bought the house and continued graciously to work for us. Her large round form coupled with her rigid posture was an encouragement to me daily..knowing that with her in charge I could relax in the tub...
I will miss her. I should have seen it coming. The way she had begun to sweat during the day..the faint moaning as she went about her chores. The bathtub that had here-to-fore been sparkly white, now a dingy, orangey color. I thought she would hold out at least through the rest of the year.
Betsy, I'll miss ya girl. Your replacement may be more hip and environmentally concious but she won't have the character that you did.

Old Betsy
90 gallons of warmth


chumly said...

a SALUTE to Betsy.

Christine Moore said...

Rest in peace Betsy. You've earned it. ;O)