Sunday, September 09, 2007

Free groceries, Safely Foraging Wild Foods

How to find food in nature along with recipes utilizing some wild foods. Since I can remember I have loved the idea od self sufficiency...when I became Christian I changed that to an attitude of God sufficiency,but basically I still love the idea of living simply, off the land and what it provides. Working with nature rather than against it. I don't believe the earth is something we were given to use and toss away but to respect and care for the way I expect my children to respect and care for the things I give them and the rooms they live in. Anyway, When I was in fifth grade my reacher read My Side of the Mountain to the class. I was in heaven. I love that book, and in fact I have read it to each of my children. Twice. So lately I as I am trying to stretch the grocery budget I have been doing alot of thinking about wild foods and how to find them. I spent today researching and writing an article about it. AS I was researching I realized that we live on 2 acres that is bordered by a creek on two sides. I imagine if I really take the time there is a ton of food out there for me to gather. I think as long as I don't have to actually kill anything i will be fine!

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