Friday, September 28, 2007

Rate My Day!
As you can probably tell from my blog sidebar I like widgets and cool tools. Here is a new one..I have put it at the bottom of the sidebar for now...
Click here to read my rating!
See, I can just click a button and let everyone know how my day is going with out actually posting! Great timesaver right?
They have this cute image for the sidebar as well:
I sort of wish they had had an image that was half asleep, that one would be more appropriate, I think, for today. :/ I don't know...bloggers seem to think that everyone cares about what we are thinking or how we are feeling, this is another great way to share...
They have just reached the 50,000 member mark, which is pretty cool. That is alot of people rating their day!
You can also use the widget on your facebook account.
Microblogging seems to be the new wave. We are such an instant society that even blogging can be hard to get to..Now there is a way to communicate with your friends almost instantly by a click... I Rate My Day
It is free to sign up and when you get more points you can change the way your character looks..SO far I haven't seen the haggard homeschool mom one but i am sure they will come up with it soon!
This is a sponsored post.

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