Saturday, September 15, 2007

Clean It Green

This house just seems to need to be cleaned alot. Maybe it is that I have so many kids, or the fact that the house is old, or that we have a dirt pasture since the flood and lots of silt blows around but this place always is dirty. Yuck. I don;t like chemical cleaners, big surprise, so I have made my own cleaning products for years both for my budget and for the sake of the environment. Well, and because I really like being able to make my own stuff..I hate the feeling of being dependent on a store.I usually add some essential oil (available at health food stores,or the internet) in scents that I like. The past few months I have been scenting with an equal amount of rose otto and tangerine. I like the combination, and when I use it in several different mixtures it is sort of like using the same scent for shower gel, lotion, and perfume. The house smells so clean and good. And as an added bonue, tangerine is supposed to make you feel happy. I don;t know if that is true, but it might. And that makes it worth a try, right? It doesn't take long to put the recipes together, they can be stored in various types of containers and used as the commercial products. Honestly, I think the cleanser works much better!The times that I have gotten the regular cleaners my daughter got rashes on her hands. That can't be good, you know? the read more link to see the recipes. I am going to post some more later in the month.

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