Saturday, September 08, 2007

I accomplished something today! Yes I did!
A few weeks ago, when I was just getting back on my feet after the chaos of MArc's hospital stay and the following stuff a 22 year old that is attending a local Bible college moved in to my craft room. You know what that means right?
Yep..all my crafts had to move out. ALL my fiber for spinning, all my yarn, my fabric, my sewing machine...even my knitting needles. Where did all this stuff move to you ask? Smack in the middle of my office. We had a path down the center to get to the den.
Thab as if that wasn't enough, my daughter and her family showed up for a surprise visit. That was awesome! But it was more chaos.
Today my friend, Juanita, and her family came over to chainsaw trees, stack wood and...tada! Clean the office and help me organize my craft stuff.
Now we have 2 computers up and running in the office plus my craft table in the center so I can quilt and is a little packed but not bad..and better htan it was.
I still have my desk to clear and a few little things to do here and there but I think I am on my way!

I am continuing to write green articles on Hub pages. I really like doing it because the research is good for me, and it is somewhat challenging.
Today I wrote about eco-friendly alternatives to traditional..umm...feminine products. I was surprised at some of the findings. I really hadn't thought much about the toxins that our bodies absorb from these products...blech!
Anyway if you want to read it, Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Feminine Products

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