Thursday, February 28, 2008

It is funny the way the internet works...
I published an article some time ago about Urban Homesteading. The other day I noticed that it was getting alot of hits from one link and when I went there, low and behold, it was the blog of the people I had used as examples in my article.
If you have not visited Path to Freedom then you really need to. It is inspiring and informative...and theya re really nice and talk to you. i think that site is going to be my lifeline right now..I feel like i am floating and not rooted this year. Hopefully I can refocus and get to work!
Marc has his reevaluation with the VA on Tuesday. Prayers appreciated. Hopefully they will understand that being in the wheelchair means that he is probably more than 10% disabled... grrr.
Our tiller is down..I am looking at the money trying ot figure out if it would be more cost effective to do raised beds or fix the tiller...Marc is looking at it now.
I am frustrated because I have lost a season all ready in the garden...
Grin is huge, I think she will be having at least triplets, maybe quads. The nice thing, besides the milk, is that the kids sell for enough to pay for the goat feed for a year. That means essentially we have free milk. Hadassah is big but not nearly as big as Grin..we'll see. I need to think about another doe, with 12 of us we need the extra milk at this point, and it doesn't look like my oldest and her family will be moving any time soon.
I love having them here in one way and in another the stress is overwhelming...I find my mantra has God...
The horses are not going to be sold. I haev tried a couple of times..but with proces the way they are no one wants them..and I am not selling htem for 300.00 to be know?
Maybe I can start giving horseback riding lessons or somethign and they can earn their keep.. my spare time.
Make a not decide to restore an old house, go off grid, homestead/sustainable living, start a blogging career and have a husband become disabled all at the same time...especially not if you are homeschooling 6 kids.
Just a thought.


Christine C. Moore said...

... and make sure you don't work for a jerk. (Oh, did I say that?!) ;O)

When it's time to sell the kids please let Tommy and I know. I'm still very interested in diary goats. Around here they all have larger breeds and I'd like to stay small... and portable... should we have the opportunity to move.

Marye said...

That's for sure. Christine. Please pray as MArc is due for this reevaluation on tuesday, hopefully they will find in his favor..
how is spring in west texas?