Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I cannot believe that I have not had a chance to get here since Thursday! Life has been amazingly busy.

Spring has apparently sprung here at Pecan Knoll Farm. Amazing about that too, because Texas being Texas..we had the first snow flurries of the entire season last night. That after 81 degrees last week...
Remember my post about the leaves?
Well today Hadassah, one of our Nigerian Dwarf does, gave birth to twins....Bucks. Sigh. They are very cute but I don;t think Dassah has had does in her entire career as a dairy goat. This is her third freshening and her 4th and 5th males.
Still, they are cute, will sell easily..They have blue eyes and.....well...Check this out...

One of the things you have to appreciate about homesteads and having animals is that your kids get alot of hands on education. Life becomes very matter of fact with breeding, gestation, birth, lactation and death. We do not, at this point, slaughter any of the animals we raise, the chickens are merely for eggs although we are not vegetarian and that could change. However they understand about the cycles of life and the fact that the hamburger they crave means that an animal was slaughtered. They are learning that meat does not grow in plastic covered trays on a tree behind the grocers.
I think that the reason we get so much cruelty int he processing of animal flesh is that Americans have distanced themselves from the reality of the slaughterhouse. While killing your own animal might be hard to do, at least you know that the animal was raised ethically and killed painlessly.
Wow..I didn't mean to go there. Sorry.
Friends brought their tiller over for us to use, ours is not working..seems to be a bad fuel line. Marc is hoping to till the garden area tomorrow, if he can. His knees have been worse than usual the past couple of days.

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