Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Do you see that? Look really closely at that tree. Maybe you need to get closer....

Spring! I know, I know..it is only February. Today, right this moment in time, at 2:35 CST it is 60 degrees where I am. And the trees really are thinking that it is time to produce some leaves.
And oh man, am I ever ready for that. Seriously? I was saying on one of my other blogs, kettle and cup that for the first time I am sick of crackling fires. I am totally tired of being cold. This is the point I admit that I am not the person I was when I was a teen or twenty something...I am 48, and I just don't like being COLD!
My dad passed away several years ago..(wow, has it been 7 years all ready??!!) and I think he would be cracking up at me right now..because I finally understand what he meant when he said that he could stand the cold..he just didn't LIKE it.
I am excited about spring, and planting the garden, and sweating in the house when it is too hot to sleep.
What a weirdo.
So, yay..it's spring...almost.
The Barred Rock chickens we have seem to be interested in the house more than usual..You remember that I posted yesterday of the one peeking in the window at my breakfast? Well this afternoon when I went to look at the tree out back, there was a chicken looking intently in the den door, as if waiting to be invited in....

You'd think it would have enough manners to knock, wouldn't you?

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Wendy said...

It was 40 here all day. Ugh. My husband was just telling me this should be the last cold snap because flowers are starting to blossom around town. I sure hope so, cause I'm just about tired of all this, too. Bring on spring!