Friday, February 08, 2008

Homeschooling right now is ..uhhh...interesting. We have four adults in the house. The kids that are doing school are used to coming to me with their questions..and I am used to answering them.
However, as much as I am blogging, and with 2 adults not working, one adult working part time, and then me...noone is sure what I do.

So anyway...Nick is in second grade. He does not read yet. I know, horrifying. But most of my kids learn to read late and then end up reading through Dickens, Shakespeare, and Voltaire by the end of fourth grade.

Anyway again. He had finished up his math and asked me to read him the last two story problems so he could work them. I asked him to take them to Marc. I forgot that my kids hate getting school instructions from Marc. Why? Well...

My husband is a man of few words. He is the strong silent type. I am not sure how he asked me to marry him, but I suspect he just gave me a look that I interpreted. Hopefully I interpreted it correctly. It would be bad if he was asking for a cup of coffee, right? So he hardly ever talks, and when he does...he is very conservative with the number of syllables he uses.

Not me. I can talk. I can talk, write, in a couple of languages even, and I can also sign a little. Words are my friends.


When it comes to is how I read the problem to the kids:
There are five swans and seventeen ducks. How many all together?

Here is how Marc does it:
O.k...there are five trumpeter swans. They probably were migrating..but if there were only five then I am guessing that one got killed, maybe by a hunter. There should have been six originally. Trumpeter swans mate for life. Yeah. It says that they were flying with seventeen ducks. That is probably why one got killed, the guy was duck hunting. I wonder if they were mallards? They probably were. Those are the ones with the green heads.
So what is the answer?

By this time I am using bounding across the room to grab the book and comfort the child who has a horrified, dazed expression on his face.

Finances are bad. I think I am going to have to sell the horses. I don't want to, and if you have read for awhile, you know I have tried before without much luck. Between the economy and the drought not many people want them. I am wondering if I can even find someone just to pasture them for me for free, haha, until we can get on the other side of this?

Did ya ever just wish you could turn the clock back and have a giant do over. I know now the mistakes I made.

20 eggs again yesterday. Go chickens. I need to see if I can sell some of them. Fertile, organic, jumbo brown eggs from free range chickens are pricey. The problem is that we are eating most of them. We give a dozen a week to elderly neighbors, and a couple of dozen to friends, and then with 12 people in the house the eggs go pretty fast.

I am probably going to check out Craigslist for my area to see what is being sold, what is wanted, and if there is anything that I could do in addition to what I am doing.

I always thought homesteading would be cool, and I preached for years about ow you really don;t need a 9-5 for I am having to walk that out and it feels way different than it did when I was talking about it.

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