Thursday, February 07, 2008

I woke up feeling ...hmm..cranky? Depressed? I don;t know, one of those dark moods that hits you for no reason and you just can't seem to shake.
The network server has been down for several days on B5 which hosts my Baking Delights, and Kettle and Cup blogs. It is frustrating because I get paid a percentage of the page hits, and of course readers get as frustrated as writers when things don't work as they should. I have several other articles to research and write so I will check in, and then if things are still not working, I will be done for the day and go on to other theory.

Right now money is beyond tight. 12 people in a household, and only partial income...not a good is frustrating on many levels for me. Having always been the homemaker, it feels odd to be *working* and making money while sitting at the computer is an odd feeling. I often feel, and I think my family does too, that I am not pulling my weight in the homemaking department..even though I am making half the income. It is hard to shift your thought pattern after so many years.
We have an office in the house but it is between the downstairs main hall and the den, so that everyone has to walk throught he roomt o get where they are going. If the kids were in school there would be no problem but homeschooling, well it is like Grand Central in here! Then you have the plethora of questions that come, because, after all, I am MOM.

I am so thrilled with the number of eggs we are getting. We are averaging 20 a day, at this point, from 25 hens. The rooster seems to keep them in line rather well, and these Barred Rocks do not wander away so much as the Golden Laced Wyandottes did, although I liked the way the Goldens looked better. Anyway, as a result we are not having the raccoon problems. Maybe it is the nature of the chickens, maybe we have fewer raccoons, maybe the rooster is making a difference? I don't know. If your are thinking about chickens, you might be interested int he article I wrote on choosing heritage breeds, Heritage Breed Chickens.
I do know that I have been procrastinating more than I thought about being prepared and now, finding ourselves in this situation, are not as prepared as I would have liked to have been. One more life lesson..Do it now.

I am going to check out Heirloom Seeds today and make my order. I should have done this a month ago...I guess I can chalk it up to that procrastination thing. :)

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