Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I am sitting here, at 5 in the morning, listening to the huge storm that has been going on for the past 3 hours move away. Where it was loud and crackly only an hour ago it is rumbly now.

It is still dark so I don't know what I will find when the sun comes up...I heard a load crack that sounded more like a tree exploding and coming down that lightening. We'll see.

I guess this is what you get when you have 70 degree days in February followed by a major cold front. I know they said on the news last night that Oklahoma City was at 30 degrees when we were at 65, and there is only a four hour difference.

Before we moved to this house I loved storms, but the flood and then all of the trees coming down over the past few years has made me nervous in them. I would feel so much better if we had a good barn for the horses rather than a lean to that sometimes the mares won't let the gelding in.

I like mornings alot. They are quiet, I can get my Bible reading done, and a start on my day with no interruptions. In the time I have been up I have started two loaves of English Muffin Bread for breakfast, read Bible, prayed, written my devotional on Butterfly Warriors, checked my stats on my other blogs and feel like I can face the rest of the day. Sadly, I will be exhausted by this afternoon. :P
I think I am doing better, things seem to be getting done more according to plan. Yay.


Wendy said...

None of the crazy weather hit here. It almost makes me miss the Midwest (because I do love a good storm). But only almost.

I've been getting better about getting up early and having my quiet time. But I'm not doing much else. I get so wrapped up in reading and then prayer that, the next thing I know, the kids are waking up and it's time to get started. Can't really complain about that, though. :)

Marye said...

It is important to get that time to settle into the day..
Today, not so good...I got up at the same time as everyone else.blah.