Monday, February 25, 2008

Would you believe it was 80 now we have a strong north wind...strong and COLD. I am sitting here listening to branches fall, and wthe wind whistle around the corner of the house. If I was the owner of a nice barn I would feel much better about the whole thing, but the truth is our horses have a lean to shelter, and I hate that.
I am in a contest on hubpages, and we get a subject each day to write about. Yeasterday it was pets. I wrote about horses, of course. If you are interested at all the article is The Intelligence of the Horse

Around here there is not much going on, it being Monday night. The kids and Marc are gone for Royal Rangers and Erin is working on one computer while I work on the other. Money is still awesome tight, I wish I saw some light at the end of the tunnel. I don't.
I am falling into an odd, lifeless routine and that bothers me alot. I just don;t know how to get it all done, and that stresses me out. I need to just saddle up one fo the horses and go on a trail ride for about 8 hours.

I need to take a day off..and really figure out a schedule...except that if I took a day off I would get so far behind my scedule wouldnt work!

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