Monday, March 24, 2008

We had rather an exciting Easter, although I could have lived without it. Matt noticed at the five p.m. feeding that Buddy was not wanting his grain...he had been laying down in the barn. Matt bounded up the fire escape stairs to knock on my bedroom window and tell me.
I flew off of the bed and headed down the stairs taking them in no particular order..yelled at Erin and Jon to handle dinner, and was out the kitchen door like a whirlwind.
I hate colic in horses. It is an evil thing that comes on suddenly, sometimes for no apparent reason and can kill them. Buddy is prone to colicky episodes when he has been under stress...Like from a flood.
So we brought him out into the yard and I hosed him down good with cold water. Took him out front and we took turns walking him until nearly midnight (my, it was cold) and laying hands on him and praying.
He perked up, and began nibbling grass after a couple of hours of it...and finally started passing gas which helped to relieve his gut pain. I wanted to wait for him to poop so I knew he was totally past the episode but by midnight we were too cold, and tired to continue.
He is fine this morning. We made him skip grain for now, and fed the mares int he next pasture. We will observe him today, and if all is well, he will get his grain this evening.


Monica said...

ugh!! Colic is very uncool. Who knew the ability to vomit was a blessing? Here's praying Buddy has a full recovery.

Christine C. Moore said...

The one time I've experienced colic I was pet sitting. Nothing like calling the owner who's 1,000 miles away to tell them their horse is down. Ugh!! And the shear joy of tending a horse when you're all dressed up for a nice dinner to celebrate your birthday and it starts to rain...
I'll never forget my 34th birthday!! ;O)
(I joke now, but man was I scared!! At the time I didn't even mind ruining my new shoes and pants. I just wanted that horse to stand up!!)
Thank heavens the neighbors son was there to give the horse a shot. Not sure I could have done it. (Gave a dog a shot once and I still get chills... something about the "pop" when the needle pierces the flesh.) Okay, gotta go now... got the chills again!! ;O) So glad Buddy's okay.