Monday, March 17, 2008

All kinds of fun things this weekend. I got more of the garden in.

So far I have kale, spinach, lettuce, peas, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, broccoli,onions...uh..I think that is all. I still need to do beans..Maybe later today.

I also planted rosemary and lavender in the garden by the front porch. I want to use both ornamentals and food plants in that one.
I think Marc and I are about to make a big decision, but I will write more about that after tomorrow...we have an appointment at the pain clinic tomorrow to see if THEY can do anything about his pain..All these specialists. Yikes! It seems the medical system has turned into the blind men and the elephant story.

I have 13 dozen eggs in my fridge and I can't sell them because I can't advertise them. I guess I could sell them as FERTILE eggs for people to use to hatch...

Marc made a 'hawk target yesterday..No, not a HAWK target...a 'hawk target.

The boys, and Marc, spent hours yesterday throwing tomahawks at the target. Excuse me, I also tried it, and the Princess Kyrie did too. I do not know WHAT the people driving by thought but I bet none of them stop in.... :) It is funny, Matt, with his long hair in a pony tail, and Marc with his beard, look like mountain men..I used to call Matt Huck but maybe I should call him Johnny Tremain.

They were all very good at it, but I think Sean may have done the best. He is 9.

Nick got tired out and sat down to watch....

And Kyrie gave herself bunny ears when she saw me taking this picture...LOL!

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