Thursday, May 24, 2007 I paint the trim in the hall bathroom off white, a darker shade of the wall color, a lighter shade of the wall color, a contrasting color OR faux wood grain?
PLEASE leave an opinion in the comment box? I am frozen with indecisive nerve synapses.

I am editing because I cant get my own comment box to work...
The bathroom I am talkign about is the hall bathroom that I just finished venetian plastering...You can see it here:hall bathroom

It is kind of a grayed down robin's egg blue, with a mottled effect...which sounds much worse than it actually is. It looks good. The colors int he border are the same blue, a brownish purple, a mustard/gold, forest green and white...the vanity is currently white as is the tile in the shower. I am planning on putting on a tile counter with aqua inset tiles.Maybe.

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Anonymous said...

What color did you paint the bathroom walls?
What paint do you have on hand.
If you want to save time - go with what
paint you have.