Saturday, May 12, 2007

I haven't said much on this particular blog about our lives outside of restoration hell. We do have them, sorta.
Marc actually has a paid position at a respectable company and wears suits to work. He cleans up good and people never suspect his *other* life.
People know I a weird from the gitgo. It's o.k. I don't clean up quite so well. But outside of public stuff we have our farm. Well, can you call 2.some odd acres of mostly floodland a farm? I hope so, because we do. We did actually have chickens, sheep and goats as well as horses at one point..The sheep produced enough wool to keep me spinning until I am 90,provided I actually had time to spin, and so I gave them away. Yes gave. I gave them to an unsuspecting family at our church..They still do talk to us but I am surprised.
The chickens died last summer in the heat. I am suposed to be replacing them even as we speak but I am having an adhd moment and cannot decide..Golden laced wyandottes? Barred Rocks? New Hampshire Reds? Too many choices...I hate making decidions.
We have the goats, which we milk...and the horses, which we don't. We did try to sell the horses because a flood a few years ago took out our pasture and the horses are costing us enough every month to provide rice for the entire country of Bangladesh..but horses don't sell for much in a drought and Marc and I do not want to see them go to Alpo.
Normally we have a vegetable garden, altho I haven't put one in in the past two years. Last year my back was out and I was flat on the floor for 6 weeks...This year the tiller wont run. I plan on getting in some tomato plants at least. ANd I better do that soon!
SO I guess, besides having a house to restore we are trying to homestead a little. One of these days I am going to commit and really do it but for now, I am just nibbling at the edges of the idea, not really totally committed to it but really wanting to be.
SO that is our life outside of the house. HEre are some pictures that I have taken over the time we have lived here.

You get a feel for the size of the house here, even though it looks small from the road because of the design it is huge.The house was moved 30 miles in 1950..and cut in 4 pieces to move it...At that point I think it lost the original roof line..Here is a picture of hte house at it's origianl site in 1914..and let me tellyou it took alot of research to fined that!

Here is a picture from a series I did on my other blog, Road Not Taken. You can find it on my profile. It is called, A Day in the Life, and I did a photo journal of milking for my grandkids...Anyway, this is our best milker, Grin, waiting to be let out after milking...

and the horses, Candy, Hope, and Buddy.

This is the BRANCH of a tree that came off during recent high winds.In our area of Texas there are not many big trees like on the east coast and such but we have alot of them here..mostly walnut and pecan..which would be awesome if they weren't native and so wormy that you couldnt do anything with them

SO that is a little background on my life outside of just fixing..Hope you enjoyed the tour. I am going to glaze the venetian plaster today and hopefully get some things cleaned up.

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Patricia in Jackson said...

Is that a goat looking out of the door? I love that picture!