Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The last coat of venetian plaster is curing...about this time tomorrow, maybe thursday, I will put the glaze over the whole thing. It should be ready for hte border htis weekend..and hten I plan on deciding what happens next...I am leanign toward a tiled counter with inset tiles in aqua but I am not sure...yet. I want to wait until I see it with the border up before I decide...The colors seem to be heading toward aqua, green, plum and gold. I really like the mottled effect that happens. I think that if I do it again in another room I may try to base coat it with a contrasting color and then do glazes...Wow the possibilities!
You can see that I left room for the border at the very top of the wall...The light fixtures look awesoem with this color.
a closeup of the color/texture

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