Tuesday, May 08, 2007

And the border is UP!
I dont know why I put it off for this week but I did. It just seems like such an overwhelming hting until I get started..then it only took about 30 minutes.
Of course I waited until afternoon and so up at the top of the ladder, in a small room with 10 ft ceilings it was hot. Very hot...But I like the results...and I am getting quite good at borders I think.

The first picture is as close as I could get of the border itself...aqua, plum, gold and cream with some forest green...

Here is another picture of the corner. The hardest thing about doing borders in this house is the age of the house means that the ceiling lines are not perfectly level and I am not good about being able to adjust a mass of wet, sticky, slimy border...

ANd finally, here is a picture from the hall. Now to decide what fabric to go with for curtians..and then do I crackle paint the trim??

but it looks SO much better than before.

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Todd said...

Great blog you've got going. Thanks again for joining the home improvement blogroll. Best of luck with your blog, I'll stop by once and awhile to see what's new.