Saturday, May 19, 2007

I finished the glazing! I dont have much time right now but I really love the effect. The bathroom is somewhat a slightly greyed down robin's egg blue, with a lovely mottled effect. I really really like it...Did I say I liked it?
This weekend is a bust. I have an appointment to have some medical testing done on monday a.m. and I have to spend Sunday preparing for it physically. (Don't ask). So I am hoping that Marc willt ake pity on me in my weakened Camille like state and offer to patch up the holes in the wall in hte office bathroom so I can get started painting on it.
I have almost decided to throw caution to the wind and go with wooden counters in the kitchen. I know they will wear, I know that waater will warp them..I know..I know..but I love them so much. If you happen to be reading and you have gone with wooden counters, not butcherblock but wooden counters...would you leave me a comment and a link to your site and promise to tell me everythign i need to do to find the right kind of wood and install them? Please?

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