Monday, May 28, 2007

It is on the holidays that I appreciate owning an old house the most. I sit and wonder at how many other people celebrated a holiday and how they did it..what were they eatng did they feel?
Because my huband and I are both vets, both the children of vets and have one son (so far) in the active military, we are what you would call patriotic. Memorial Day has come to mean little more than a three day weekend and the scent of grilled burgers to many people...but to people who lived when this house was new, and even for years thereafter, memorial Day was a day to contemplate, to remember and to appreciate....and to mourn.
Memorial Day was first established in 1868 to remember the soldiers that had falled during hte Civil War. It was then called Decoration Day. My house was not built then but the original site where it was located had been platted for a year.
In 1910 it was popular to send postcards in memory of the day...My house was being built when this was mailed:

And this company of vets stood in formation in rememberance:

By 1920 my house was built and had been lived in long enough to see one of the builder's children go off to fight WW1 and not return.

With one son in the military I wanted something to let everyone know..and so I bought an antique WW1 star flag with one star..signifying one son serving:

And here are assorted pictures of people taking a moment to remember...over the past 90 years since my house was built...

This is what my house looked like about the time of WW1:

and during the next years I know many prayers went out for loved ones....
Men being buried at sea during ww2


Thank you so much...all of you. You have given much and will not be forgotten. As prayers have gone up from this home in the past they will continue in the future...Semper Fi.

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