Sunday, November 25, 2007

Hot baths....
Ahhh. Nice. We have a water heater! Someone or someones heard of our plight via the internet and a sum of money was deposited into my pay pal through a third party. I am praising God...taking hot baths...and..well absolutely blessed.

Old bessie was a 90 gallon tank and this is a 50 but so far it is holding up to our massive ht water needs.
The plumber had tot ake the doorframe seems the pO had put the heater in and then created to space for it. But...all's well that ends well..and there is is. Now I just need to get a blanket for it.
We turned the heat on for hte first time today. It has been 45 and 50 in the house but we were trying ot hold out iwth judt the fireplace as long as possible..we have company coming today so the heat went on..sigh. I know it had to happen but I was wanting to hold out a bit..AH well...this is will be 78 degrees by friday.
We are getting 6 eggs a day now, so things are picking up..they are still the small eggs but look like the hens are getting the idea.

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Wendy said...

Yay for hot water!! I'm glad that at least one thing is looking better! Thank You, Lord!