Monday, November 05, 2007

I am really interested in environmental issues. They are a big part of my life and have been for most if it. My parents both were adults in the depression, and I grew up in the 60's. Recycling, environmental issues were all just a given.
I grew up eating fresh garden tomatoes in the summer and pickled beets in the winter and I love that cycle of living with the seasons. That is what I am trying ot do here...fix the place up and then run it as a farm, or as close as I can get.
Anyway...I had to stop painting several years ago. I HATE watercolors but I love the color and intensity of oil paints. I developed an allergy to turpentine however and had to lay it aside..I hope to try again soon but we'll see.
ANyway there are graffiti artists that are creating graffiti with MOSS!
Check this out...Living Graffiti
I just thought it was cool.

Our chickens are not layin eggs yet. I am not sure if they are waiting for something special, more money? Better working conditions? Sigh.
We seem to have sold the last buckling from this year! YAY! Not a moment too soon. It looks like, because of some sales, the rising prices of gold (it is way up ofver 100.00 an oz, and marrc just took some to the pawn shop..we'll see what we end up with), some wonderful angel on the internet, and a few blessings from the hand of God we will be getting a water heater, and possible (dare I say it?) meet our bills this month.

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