Sunday, December 02, 2007

I have been writing alot of articles about toys and toy recalls lately. Eventually I want my family to simplify to the point that we do very simple,homemade gifts...and we do some of that...but int he mean time not only do I want to buy safe toys for my kids, I want to buy American made as much as possible just to make a statement. I don;t know...I stopped shopping at walmart years ago because of the cheap stuff they sell, the fact that I absolutely hate their foreign policies and by shopping there I feel like I am contributing to child labor, the slave trade and the poor working conditions..Maybe I can't fix all of it but I can stand up for what I feel is right.
My kids have strong opinions and ethics...I wonder why?
Anyway...Here are the articles...if you are interested..

Best American Made Toys For Christmas

Homemade Toys, Perfect For Christmas

Chinese Toy Recalls

Simple Christmas Gifts

I 'm Dreaming of a Green Christmas

remember being green is also frugal!

Seriously. If we, as Americans DON"T buy quality American made items and support these manufacturers we will lose the freedom to do so. When you buy cheap stuff you are supporting the way those things are manufactured, you are saving money at the price of human dignity.
Money is tight here. I understand! But it is so much better to teach your children to appreciate the quality in one good toy that give them 10 junky ones. Like junk food, junk toys are merely a habit

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