Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Wll, so far we have lost three chicks. Hopefully there will be no more casualties. I talked to the people at the hatchery and they thought it must be a shipping thing..and offered to credit my account. I told them no since the three that died were three extra that they had given me over what I ordered.
I couldnt sleep...I had to write a letter ..you know, an official one..to a credit card company that is harrassing me for a bill that I paid, and then I had to copy it to my lawyer and the credi bureaus and ..well you know. If you see an offer from First Equity Credi cards..run..run very fast.
I have been thinking how hard i is to restore an old house but even more difficult when you are trying to restore it and at the same time be ecologically responsible. I mean, 0 VOC paints are awesome but the cost is prohibitive when you are talking large, old houses. ANd there are other things too...I don't know..I am jsut thinking out loud this morning. Waiting for Marc to get up so we can head for the gym....
I would like to do a rain barrel..I would like to have another vegetable garden.but where? We have so many big trees and so much shade..and then there are the horses..and they dont seem to understand the difference between greenbean seedlings and grass. Silly things
When you have an old house that you are restoring you are all ready doing soemthing ecologically responsible..the ultimate in recycling if you will. I do try to get vintage items when possible, and so I guess I am saving a few trees there..some oil and gasoline because the items are usually local if possible. And old houses are more green anyway..Think about it..the new shoeboxes are created to make it cheaper to use airconditioning but the old houses are designed to make sumer liveable without air copnditioning at all, even in Texas. We don't use it. Sometimes it gets hot, unbearably so, in the middle of August..but we are good most of the summer and when the heat gets too bad we just sit and pant.
I know that when we are done we will have a home that we can be proud of..we will have accomplished a BIG thing...but I just have to say....
It's not easy being green.

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