Friday, June 15, 2007

The chicks are here. We got 30 of the. I had ordered 25 females and 2 males and they threw in an extra 2 of the barred rocks that I ordered and a rare breed that I have no clue about.
BUT...all is not well in mudville tonight. Two of the chicks have died in the past two days and I am really bummed about it. I can't figure out why..I mean, the last bastch we got all of them lived...anyway I am praying that this is it...

the dog is enjoying looking at them..and no, he isnt the cause of the premature demise of our future omelet creators.Unless it is his breath.

They are so cute...I am so stressed about thier survival. ACK!
I have and am having computer issues so I dont know how good I will be at daily writing..
We are hoping to get some of the downed trees cut for firewood this wekend and also maybe some preliminary work on the steps. The guy came to measure doors today..We are having hem installed ebcause Marc is concerned about the way the doors fit..our exterior doorways were put in without much is almost like someone threw a dart, blindfolded and then cut a doorway around it with a butter knife..a dull butter knife.
I have been riding the horses daily..trying to get them back to being easy to handle so the kids can ride them..
I made chevre from all of the goat milk I had piling up and that was good
My tomatoes dont seem to be doing much...of course the horses have been standing on them, maybe that is why?
have a great week

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Silvia said...

We lost three on our most recent order, as well. Sometimes they just aren't strong enough to handle the shipping. But we've had orders where none or just one died, too. Sorry you lost some. Come check out my pics of our little chicks at my other site.