Tuesday, June 05, 2007

O.k..time for some goal setting. Ready?

By the end of summer:
1. I need to finish the faux grain down stairs..I only have about 5 more feet to do..how pitiful is that.
2 Finish the hall bathroom.
tile around shower
new door on closets
trim around mirror
paint ceiling?
Sew curtains
install new sink
install new faucets/toilet flush thing in brass color
3.Finish Office Bathroom
paint trim

That really isnt that much but since it seems to take me forever to do anything I am stopping there for now.

It has rained so much lately that out entire property is mud..the floors are covered in silt and the horses are knee deep in the nasty stuff. WEll not really..but it is muddy. It is hard not being depressed by the lack of money, and all the stuff that needs to eb done, and the fact that we really cant afford the horses but noone really wants to buy them either. I keep praying that if we are supposed to be here things would break and we could do what needed to be done ad if we are supposed to move to the farm in maine things woul d break and we would be released to go...I am so tired of feeling like I am treading water.
Whine whine whine....

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Georgetown House said...

Actually that sounds like a lot to me! I know I tend to look at what other folks have done ("well, here's the two-room addition we built and finished last week, and I'll be stripping all the downstairs woodwork next weekend...") and feel like what I'm able to do isn't all that much, but hey, we do what we can do within the contexts of our real lives!!

(thanks for visiting my blog, btw!)