Saturday, October 20, 2007

As we get older our parents get older and there comes a point for many of us that we find ourselves in the position of parenting our parents. We have tough choices to make and it is often a lonely and thankless period in our lives. How do we cope? I went through this myself about 5 years ago. It was tough. Mom had always been the independent sort, and at 82 she was active, opinionated, and at times, cranky. When her health literally deteriorated over night Marc and I had some decisions to make. We decided that it was right for us to move her in to the down stairs bedroom..Our family dynamics changed. I found myself with both rebellious teens and a rebellious elder. I literallyunderstood the expression, "sandwich generation". With the pressure from two generational directions pressing the me I leaned more and more on my faith in the Lord and my strong relationship with Marc. Because of the two of them in my life I got through it and can honestly say that is was enriching and rewarding.Frozen-Music is about our work on the house, but it is also about all parts of our lives....this is an important part of mine. I hope that reading about it helps someone that may be facing or in the same situation. read more | digg story

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