Friday, October 19, 2007

I am going ot be cleaning up the pages of Frozen Music and revamping it some. There have been alot of changes in things, between Marc getting sick, and me getting overwhelmed, and on and on...I started doing the paid postings to help with expenses, bit apparently that blacklisted me on the Old Houses feed. I was informed that I was being removed.
O.k. Sigh.
Anyway...The ads that they provided me with are making me about 50 cents a month, where as the paid for posts are making me about 100.00 or more, and i am not doing many of them.
Think of them as food on my table.
So, in the next few days i think I am going to change the look of the site, pull off alot of the ads, and make it pretty again...and yeah, there will be the occasional commercial post.
I am coming to the end of the training I am doing, which i am not ready to discuss...and maybe never will be, ;) so hopefully things will start rollign again with my posting, the house repairs and the etc. of my life.

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