Saturday, October 13, 2007

Homestead Diva: A New Way To Recycle Plastic Bags

Fusing plastic bags together to create a sturdy fabric is the newest green fashion statement. I was amazed at all the possibilites as I checked out website after website with pictures of what people were making....There were clothes, bags, quilts...SO, I am thinking... Home Depot Curtains for the sunroom? I could do that, I sure have enough Home Depot bags around. Can you imagine that the very coolness of this thing is going to cause a run on plastic that there will be plastic bag junkies on the street corners digging through trash in search of the elusive Marshall Fields bag or Neiman's bag? A whole new opportunity will open up on eBay for people to sell plastic bags....O.k..I was sort of joking but seriously. This is cool stuff. I was amazed at the pictures of clothes that I would actually wear. I dunno, you may want to hold on to that Lowe's bag....maybe a nice, durable tool belt for the Mr.for Christmas?

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