Thursday, April 26, 2007

I havent said much about hte OTHER bathroom...The hall bathroom. If you recall I stripped the wallpaper to find that the PO's (apt initials because it stands for either previous owner or pissed this case both work) had not primed the wall before wallpapering and so in trying to get the backing off I inadvertantly took off hunks of wallboard. Sigh. So what to do?

Well I am going to begin priming it this weekend with Kilz oil based, which I have had tinted slightly lighter than my paint color. When that dries I am going to do a venetian plaster technique in a mottled light turquoise color...I think I have enough that I can do the ceiling as well...I got an awesme idea to stencil the ceiling with a faded look but we will see how I feel AFTER this weekend. I am going ot get moulding and use liquid nails to attach it as a frame to the large mirror..and then I am thinking about crackle painting hte baseboards but again, we will have to see how it goes...I will get some pictures as I is what it looks like now.

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